20 Week CSA - Pick-up

20 Week CSA - Pick-up

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Get 20 weeks of the freshest produce all grown on Flying Carrot Farm without using nasty chemicals. This full season CSA starts in June and goes through October. Each week, you will get to choose the items you want from a diverse selection of in-season produce. In addition, you will have access to the pick-your-own garden (located at the main farm site) which includes flowers, herbs, and some veggies (like cherry tomatoes and green beans).

Small shares are good for smaller households (1-2 people), people that want to test out a CSA, or people that want to supplement a home garden. Regular shares are great for 2 veggie lovers or families with 3-5 people. Large shares are great for large families or people that want to enjoy the veggies and freeze/can for the winter.


20-Week Share

Small Share: $380

Regular Share: $580

Large Share: $840

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