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What is your favorite food moment?

Stealing that first ripe strawberry from the garden, a fresh tomato from the vine still warm from the sun, or maybe eating a watermelon so sweet and juicy you don’t care if it drips everywhere.

At Flying Carrot Farm, we want to bring joy and a sense of wonder back onto your plate and back into your family’s dinner. We want to make eating healthy fun. The secret is starting with simple food that tastes amazing from the field. We grow varieties of fruits and vegetables based on taste, and we harvest our produce at the peak of ripeness and flavor. We make buying local veggies more convenient by offering a home delivery service, keeping our farm store open longer hours in the summer, accepting cash, credit and EBT everywhere we sell and getting our produce and eggs in more stores and farmers’ markets!

Life is hard enough, eating healthy doesn’t have to be.