Farm Stand

The Flying Carrot Farm Store brings the best of local food to the South Dartmouth community. Our goal is to make buying local food convenient for all members of our community.

We stock amazing seasonal produce from our farm, all grown using organic methods. We sell eggs from our flock of chickens that are free-range on pasture, spending the day eating grass, bugs and left over vegetables from our farm (we also feed them GMO-free grain). We sell fruit and sweet corn from other local farms. We believe in full transparency on where and how your food was grown, so we label everything in the store. To see what is in our farm store this week, check out our Today’s Harvest page.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, WIC & Elder Coupons, and EBT/SNAP (we are a HIP retailer).


June - August

Daily 10am - 7pm

September - October

Tuesday 3- 7pm

Saturday 10 am - 5pm

Sunday 10 am - 5pm




607 Elm St., South Dartmouth, MA

To get to the farm stand, go up the driveway at 607 Elm St. and the farm stand is the renovated barn to the right.

Please leave your furry family members at home. We love dogs, but there are a number of animals that live on the farm that don’t do well with unfamiliar dogs.

Please don't park on the grass, and please don't inquire at the house about the farm stand (that is not our house).